Monday, July 30, 2007

I feel soooo

stupid lately. I swear I must come off like a complete moron. I think I've got so many things going on in my brain I cannot hold onto information.For instance, I asked how my Mel's daughter was doing , do I remember....NO. Its a sign of early Alziemer's isn't it? Good God,I am turning into my mom. She didn't tell me it starts so early. She didn't tell me it starts so early. Ha Ha I am kidding . Its not that bad yet.
We went to the park today with Mel and her kids and Tam and her kids. We had fun but there is no time for the mom's to catch up.And with me having 20 conversations with myself a minute its kinda hard to talk to anyone besides Skylie because she's used to me.
Over the weekend we went to another park for a Guatling Playdate. It was so cool to see all the beautiful kids of all different ages in one place.I told Ralph that I love hanging out with these families but it always makes me want more.I see Sky with younger kids and she is so cute with them. I want her to have a sibling, but that gut feeling tells me to wait for a biological. I know that seems selfish but I can't shake that feeling so until it happens or it goes away we will wait.
It was my neice Kate's first birthday party as well. Skylar and Kate are soul mates. Lisa's mom saw them play together for the first time on Saturday and said the same thing. Its like they knew each other before.They have always been like that . Its pretty amazing.Anyway I've rambled long enough. Til later my friends......

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