Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Excited about my little American Citzen

Well tomorrow is the big day and we are so excited. My mom bought her the cutest white dress with navy piping and her initials monogrammed in red, red MaryJane's, and of course American flag bowsfor her piggies. I will definetly post pics ASAP. I will have to steal my mom's camera card and import them into my computer.I told everybody we need to go to Denny's afterward and all get The American Slam , kidding.The cootie craziness has calmed down. However,Skylie's growing fond of the word boobies. I am okay with that.
Oh yeah, it ends up I am not nuts afterall. I had my ultrasound today and I do have gallstones. I am so happy they found something. I know that sounds nuts but its one of my biggest fears that the doctor's will think I am crazy and commit me.SOOOOOO that's why I am relieved.

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