Monday, August 13, 2007

Gallstones and a Toddler bed

I went to the ER on Saturday night because I was in so much pain.They said it was a gallbladder attack. I didn't know if it felt better to sit or walk or stand. It felt like someone was stabbing me right under my breastbone and out my back but at the same time stabbing me in the back and out of my breast bone. And the pain radiated up into my shoulder. Good Lord that hurt.It has happened before but not like that. Oh well we will see when I get the ultrasound sometime this week.

Onto bigger and better things. Skylar slept through the night in her big girl bed.It only took 2 tries to get her to stay in her bed and fall asleep.She woke up this morning and waited for me to get her out of bed. She had her head propped on the footboard, looked up at me as I walked in the room and said "poo poo".I cannot believe she didn't get up out of bed.I guess that's a good thing because it will be a while before she starts roaming around in her least I hope.We leave her door open but put a gate so she can't roam the house.She absolutley loves her bed. She was at Onnie's (my Mom's) today and she came in the house saying " bed bed bed" I said "Its still in your room, but you have to give me a hug first", she did and then we had to go to her room.

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