Friday, August 10, 2007

Ghost in the Garage

So I wake up ,get Skylar and put her in her booster for breakfast like any other morning. I hear the garage door open so I say "Ohh Daddy's home early , it must be too hot outside" so I go to the door to see as the garage door is now shutting by itself. I continue half stunned to stand there thinking "What the F***??????".While I am still there it begins to open.I look up and down the street to see if someone else has opened there garage doors ...maybe we're on the same frequency or something. I don't know. I see no one.
Now those of you who know me know I believe in the afterlife but this was starting to creep me out. I call Ralph and ask him, he says to go out and adjust the laser. It must be off. Okay, all the while Skylar is sitting in her chair munching on a breakfast bar...or so I thought.I proceed to the garage to make the adjustment and the damn door starts to open and close again.I start laughing because if I don't I might shit myself.
I walk back in the kitchen , call my mom. She says something about the day before and I remember I took the garage door opener out of my car because I borrowed hers. Now where the hell did I put it. I am looking everywhere . "Oh my God I am such an ass".There it is right under Skylar's booster seat. She was doing it all along, when it wasn't in her hand she was doing it with her foot. TOO FUNNY !!!!!

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