Friday, August 10, 2007

Grover is such an Arrogant SOB

Did you ever notice how he is always talking about how adorable he is, how cute he is, how lovable he is? I hate him.LOL He is an arrogant son of bitch.LOL How can acting like that be adorable,lovable or cute? I find it just plain annoying.LOL

While I'm at it the blonde male back up dancer on the Wiggles, I hate him. He is a bobble head, and is way too into it.He acts like the shit. I cannot stand him. They need to fire his ass. Seriously this guy really bites my ass. He doesn't act like the rest of the dancers, he's all OVER the camera.If you have to watch The Wiggles you know who I'm talking about. I guess its great that he likes his job but he too comes off as an arrogant son of a bitch. Like HollyG(another blogger), I would send him hate mail if I could.You gotta see this guy for yourself.You would hate him too. That's all for now.


Our Ohana said...

Hey Kelly,

I know what you mean about the dancer. He drove me nuts at first, but now I just tune him out. He is a bobble head, lol, I never thought about him that way. But he's also the only dancer to be with them from the beginning so I don't think he's going anywhere. :(


Holly G. said...

Hey Kelly,

I've been trying to find a good video of Ben(the annoying Wiggle dancer) to put on my blog for all to see. He makes me sick!!!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought i was the only one. I hate that guy. I can't even watch the wiggles because that overacting dancer ruins every scene. We saw them live and he was there, ruined my day.

JIm said...

Thank you all. I'm sitting here seething with disdain over the two years now that I've come to cringe whenever I see that porky meth- amph chuckle noggin BEN. Ther's alot to "just let go" about the whole Wiggles sillydome,(young wiggles,wiggles animation,etc.)but Ben really makes my belly churn.Thanks for letting me vent.
JIM (stay at home dad)