Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Can't Believe I Forgot to Tell You Guys,Gals& Pals

Yesterday,Skylie POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!!! AND I wasn't even there. She was over at Onnie's. Uncle Jeff witnessed this very important event as well.We tried again today but she decided she didn't have to go poopoo afterall. She was all ready to go with her People Magazine and was grunting so hard I thought she gave herself a hernia. She was so sad when she looked in the potty and saw that it was EMPTY.Poor little , Bumble.I told her it was no big deal , we would try again some other time.
So tomorrow we are taking Skylie to the lilly fields in Augusta, Mo to try to take some pictures. I figure she won't let me take her to a studio so I will take some myself. Hopefully she will be over this fear of portrait studios by the time she turns 2.
Also we received an e-mail from Teresa(Sky's foster mom).I had sent her son an e-mail because I was so concerned for their well being with all the shit going down in Guatemala. Elections are in September and there is alot of unrest politically.She said they are worried but fine. They love receiving all the pics we send and they asked for our address because it is always gets messed up on the shipments by the time it gets to her. They want to send us some pics of the Holy Week as well as other Guatemalan traditions. I look forward to getting them. I am so happy that we are in contact with Teresa, I feel I owe her so much and she is such a huge part of Skylie's life. We never got to meet her in person so I look forward to meeting her someday.I feel blessed to have her in my family.Please pray for all the children that were removed from Casa Quivera so that they may be returned safely and can come home to their forever families. Also pray for all those in process. But most of all pray for all the children that get left behind.

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