Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Got Stoned (Kidding)

Yes indeedy , I have gallstones and I am so relieved . I know its nutty but as I have said before its my worst fear that they ( I am not real sure who "they" are but in my brain "they" are very important)will have me committed and be sent to an INSANE ASYLUM. Yes I don't really think those places exist anymore but whatever. Now you kow. I am getting cut on , on the 4th.
SO MORE importantly Skylie became a citizen yesterday. Our officer made it a special occasion as I have heard some officers are asses. She gave Skylie a flag and a Hello Kitty coloring book to color while mommy and daddy went over paperwork. It was very cool knowing that no one can ever say she isn't American. The ONLY difference is she cannot run for president.DAMN I guess she's gonna have to be a Senator.
Here's a weird thing you would never know.Skylie was considered a citizen on the day of readoption, which happened to be her FIRST birthday. How COOL is that.

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