Tuesday, August 7, 2007

La La Manga

So I am trying to teach Sky to know where she is from. When I ask her Skylar where were you born ? She says "Light" and I say well yes that's where you came from but where were you born? Were you born in Antigua, Guatemala? She nods her head and says "La La Manga". How freaking cute is that.
We took her and my brother Jeff down to Montauk State Park over the weekend. We had a nice relaxing time.Its so fun to see Jeff with Skylar. He is so good with her and doesn't put up with her sassiness.Which I think is so great,and very amusing because she isn't used to people saying no to her.I will post pictures as soon as I am able.
The "Wiggles" obsession is getting worse by the day. We put her to bed tonight (she always chats to herself before falling to sleep)and we hear her say in a very loud drawn out dramatic voice W_I_G_G_L_E_S.It was a riot. God I love her.

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