Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Onnie's,J.Bucks, & Dierbergs

Don't bother me, The Wiggles are on. Thank you

These guys are a roit.

My Box Rox !!!

It Doubles as a Bed.

Mmm Its GOOD !!!

Hey BUDDY, Quit EYEBALL'IN my Onnie

JEEEEESH Some People

Mommy I don't understand what your problem is, I mean I can do all kinds of stuff when I'm driving. Here's a lesson in multi-tasking:

Exhibit A: Putting My Lipstick on.

Exhibit B: Look No hands.I am reading the ingredients, it has to have aloe in it. I love the way my lips feel when wearing it.

Exhibit C: Still No Hands and Putting More lipstick on because it tastes soooooo good. MMM MMM MMM I think its almond flavored. My favorite !!!!!!
So see Mommy if I can do this I know you can turn around and hand me my goink (drink) when I drop it, Bubby when I throw him, and look at me when scream your name repeatedly.All you need is a little multi-tasking ! :)

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Anonymous said...

love my wiggle in her