Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carl Carlson

I don't know why.I love the Simpson's especially Lenny and Carl.

We went apple picking but there wasn't any apples to pick because of a late frost in the spring. We went with the in-laws, brother and sister in-law and our beautiful niece, Miss K. The girls are soooo cute together. They had pumpkins and a petting zoo. Skylie is getting so brave with the animals now. She fed the goats, a cow, and a pig. She also went into the Moonwalk, jumping aparatus...I don't know what the contraption is actually called...she loved it. She bounced and bounced and jumped and jumped.

I'll post pics later.

Sky's 2nd birthday is on Saturday. I cannot believe it. We are having a Wiggely party. Its going to be so fun. Heide, Patrick and Teaghan are coming down from PoDunk (kidding), Iowa. Nat, Brian and Hayden are hopefully coming. Jamie, the girls and the new little guy are coming down from Whoville, Indiana. Of course the Fam will be there. Jeff's new girlfriend , L will be there too. I look forward to getting to know her, she seems very funny. Which brings me to the next story...

We went to GG's to visit GG of couse but Aunt Vern too. We got an extra surprise because Aunt Carol was there .We had lunch and played all afternoon. Jeff and L came and met GG and Aunt Vern ( Aunt Carol had left by then). Jeff announced to them that he is selling his house and shacking up with L.I knew about this all week and I promised not to slip up and tell my mom. It was very hard but I did it.I almost slipped several; times but I did it. YAY me.Anyhooter, GG says " L are you guys still going to be together for Christmas?" L says " No , we plan on ending it by then. "
Good comeback L. I like that in a girl. Your funny.

Skylar counts to ten with us.That's my girl.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Please Sign This Petition

Please sign this petition so the Department of State will support their OWN citizens who are trying to bring their children home. They put out a statement this week that they ( Our United States Department of State) will not support those citizens who are adopting from Guatemala and are still in process after January 1, 2008. As you all know adoption is a lengthy process and for many it can take over a year and 1000's will be left behind to fend for themselves in poverty with no homes, no families. Some of these children are old enough to know they have a family waiting for them in the United States.We are talking about children's lives. Please pass this on to everyone you know. This is it , they are very serious about shutting Guatemalan Adoptions down.You will have to put your e-mail down but you can keep it private. I implore you to support us and the many adoptive families trying to bring their children home.

Ralph, Kelly, And Skylar

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Whole Lotta Pics

Its 85 degrees outside and Owe-Me and Mommy make me try on my winter coat . What couple of Beee-otches!!!!!
Having to entertain you people 24 hours a day is soooooo exhausting !!!!

Oh Pawpaw your the best foot rubberer ever !!!!

I am having soooooooo much fun at Mammy and Pawpaw's.

Hey K.....did you just steal my fruit gems???????

I love my Mommy !!!!!
I cannot believe this..... A mouse is making a pass at me, I was only being nice when I picked his sorry hitchhiking ass up. G---O---D !!!

I'm going in for the kiss.

Playin' soccer with my buddy, Brody.
Half the group at GuatFest 2007

Oh Hi , Your CUTE !!!!

God mom, Quit takin' my damn picture somethin's biting my knee

If my mommy thinks I am gonna smile like this for pictures, she's sadly mistaken !!!!

Ha Ha I am being funny now........But you wait mom ........Not for long !!!!!

Jesus....I think I'm standing in duck shit.

Why do you insist we do this ????

What would you give me for a basket of flowers????

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saturday and Tarzan

We went to my friend's daughter's 1st b-day party on Saturday. We had a really great time and I'll add pics later. When me and M were in high school we were inseperable. I wsa part of her family as she was part of mine. Most of our friends'were M's friends from her after school job, so naturally we would hang out at her house more. She lived about 4o minutes from me and I practically lived with them. First of all stepmom didn't remember which friend I was. And here's the best part... we are leaving and saying our goodbye's to everyone and stepmom says goodbye and notices my necklace. Dear friends' sister, J , is standing there too and reads it outloud. "Not flesh of my flesh ,nor bone of my bone, but somehow miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute , You weren't born under my heart but in it.

Stepmom: I think adoption is so great...I always choked up when Tarzan took that monkey by the hand. It was just so sweet.

J: What?????????????

Stepmom: You know the beginning of Tarzan.

J: OOOOOOkayyy.

Ralph and I felt totally dumbfounded and speechless.

Am I the monkey or is Skylie ???

Is Skylie Tarzan or am I ???

What the f**k ??? Ok lady why don't you take some more of the drugs that you MUST be on because your not making any sense. What a complete CRACKHEAD. I mean she has always been a little out there but it never effected me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Shout Out To Holly G. and Family

Holly, Zo,Gia and Nino: This one's for you guys. I wanted Yo Gabba Gabba on in the background but it just didn't work out. It took her awhile to get it all out but she did.Excuse the mess.View this montage created at One True MediaTo Holly G. and Family 9/22/07 HAPPY HOMECOMING GUYS !!! Also I cannot believe that the drawing guy is from Devo. TOO FUNNY !!!

WALMART: So Owe-Me, Sky and I had to go to Walmart to pick up my contacts...which reminds me we have really good insurance but the vision SUCKS...Anyway we don't really go to Walmart because of ALOT of reasons I won't go into right now, we prefer Target but whatever,we pull up in the parking lot and she says Noopy Noopy. She has been here a total of maybe 4 times in her life but she remembers the Snoopy ride in the entrance to the store. That's my girl, Smarty Pants

Chucky Cheese:We decided to take Pumpkin Butter to Chucky Cheese last night. On are way we had to stop for Ralph's coffee and my DDP at QT. You know we live so far away from Chucky Cheese we needed to get our drinks on. (yeah right). Anyway we pull up and we swear she says Damn Cheetos, WHAT????? We have no idea what she really said but why was she talking about Cheetos ?????

We got home and all of us were playing on the floor. She told me to laydown,stole Ralph's pillow and handed me her Bubby. She covered me with a lei (you know the things from Hawaii... can't spell today ) and starts her Night night routine.

Sky: Pigs Pigs Pigs ... Pairs (prayers)...AMEN.

Mommy: Peeing in her pants laughing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Day

Going to this doctor "Ain't So Bad!!!!"

Now Listen up Kids, This is how I write My Name.

Our day was a good one. We went up to the Pipefitter's but Ann doesn't come in on Thursdays...of course. So that was a bust. We had a great time in the kids waiting room while we waited for Owe-Me to get her check up.Dad didn't want us to come visit him because Jen ( who loves seeing Skylar) was not in today, so that was a bust. We ended up at G.G.'s and she took us all in and fed us lunch. Skylar had a blast. She got into the pantry and was playing with the canned goods and her baby. She also got into the napkins and was covering the rooster lamp with them. When G.G. asked who the rooster was she said "Jesus".My Gram is a very Catholic little woman but she laughed at this. She lives in the middle of the ghetto and refuses to move because of her church. My gramps died a few years ago. I think that's where I get my stubborness. Anyway Gram can't get enough of Skylie.Here's another try at the video I tried to upload the other day. Skylar is playing in the middle of G.G.'s back yard in a grass pile. Owe-Me and I are acting stupid.

Skylar spent the night at Owe-me and Pawpaw's house the other nite . She palyed with Jackie's two grandaughters K and M. K is 3 and M is a week older than Sky.Sky and K were sitting next to each other and my mom says to K. " Look at you two , you look like twins."K looks at Sky and giggles and says to my mom, "No I am white Skylar is dark." My mom said, "I meant your clothes." I thought it was funny but it put a fear in me for later on when Sky starts school. You know kids can be assholes.

You Girls Are So White ...You Glow in the Dark !!!!
You know I am Kidding, I'm Gonna Miss You Guys !!!!! New Hampshire......Hmmm That's Not As Far As Guatemala.Maybe Mommy and Owe-Me Will Take Me For A Visit ???? What Do You Say Owe-Me and Mommy ???????????????????????????????????

So the girls got all dirty and Owe-Me gave Lil'Miss a bath when they got home. Owe-Me didn't know she was taping this and it is very short but hilarious. I absolutely adore her turban. Watch Skylie's eyes. Toooooo CUTE !!!!

Isn't She Funny? I have No idea where she gets it?????


So I had to show you guys this pick of Muno...The Red Bumpy Vibrator.There's a party in my pants ..oh yeah... oh yeah... A party in my pants... uh huh... uh huh

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Driving Down the Highway...

excited to go by Toys R' Us and look for Skylar's birthday presents and BOOM !!!! Holy crap I blew my tire out.Scared the holy bejesus out of me. Thank God Bootser wasn't with me. I have never had that happen before.I didn't know what the hell happened. I cannot wait to see how much damage I caused to the car. ( sarcasticically speaking )Thank you Mr. Roadside assistance guy, you had me back on the road in no time. Thanks Jeff for being there for me when Mr.Roadside Assistance guy came, he was a bit scary looking.Never judge a book by its cover.You are my favorite brother.Hee Hee

My new friend from, Judy translated Teresa's letter for me so I will be sending that this week. Hopefully Friday. Thank you Judy, I don't know what i would have done without you.

Tomorrow I am going with Owe-me to the Pipefitters to show off Skylar. They haven't seen her in a long tome. Epecially Ann who referred us to our agency. Thanks, Ann.We will have to stop to see PawPaw while we are there, too.I haven't seen him in a week and I miss him.I rented some new Wiggles movies for Sky so I am sure I will have some observations on that later.

My friend , Val had her first chemo session today so prayers would be appreciated. She'll have more tomoorow and again on Friday. Her radiation treatment will start soon . I love you and I am here if you need anything.

See everyone soon....

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Park,G.G.'s,and Panera Bread


OH DEAR GOD WHY, WHY ?????????
When she landed she said

A day with G.G.,Aunt Vern, and of course the now known as Owe-me






I often wonder if other people act like we do about there children. As you can see we are completely nutty over Skylar. Not that everybody else isn't absolutley in love with their kids but we are NUTS. We completely make asses out of ourselves all day long.I would not change a thing. Owe-me, Skylar, and I went to Panera Bread for lunch today. I got the pick two,I chose chicken noodleand the new Harvest Apple Salad.As I was eating the salad I said to my mom,"God this salad is disgusting,the only good thing about it is the walnuts." She looks at me with a very serious look on her face and says,"I bet...(pause)especially since the walnuts are pecans."LOL I usually don't watch Wife Swap, but I did this evening.OH MY GOD I would kick this farmer woman's(let's call her Crazy Lady) ass if she tried to make me give all my designer clothing (I am talking one outfit that would cost more than my families'wardrobe combined). She made the mormal family brush their teeth in some butter looking shit.She follows a RAW diet.This includes 4 MONTH OLD RAW MEAT, RAW EGGS,and some nasty ass OLD MILK substance. Her family follows this diet as well.She doesn't clean her home including her toilet, I am literally gagging right now thinking about her coal black disgusting toilet.
I am all for organic foods and safe natural cleaning products but good god where do they find these fuckin' people. I have never seen anything like that and I never want to see a toilet look like that again.
Second Episode:Holy shit , it just keeps getting better.The psychic lady,"Sees wata, lots of wata" and she is sooo pretty( Kidding) ger husband is just as handsome with his glorious mullet !!!! Where is she from? Apparently she belongs in the nervous hospital. LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can't Sleep.......

I am so wide AWAKE !!!! We had a great day today, we went to Guatefest,MO. It was really cool to see all the kids together in one place.I got some great pics.I often wonder at these events if Skylar's bio-siblings were there and we just don't know it.I mean the odds are against that. Her 2 sisters and her brother could be anywhere. I just hope one day they can find each other. I HOPE it is sooner than later.That is why I am on the Guatemalan Sibling Registery. I want to be contacted if only to exchange pictures at first and build their relationship slowly so that when they ARE old enough to understand,they can build upon what they already have.

We went to the in-laws house tonight for dinner. We had a delish dinner. Rizzo's has the BEST baked mosticolli(sp?)So MIL goes out for a smoke and Skylar says " Bye Lady ". Oh My God !!! And she kept saying it. I said "Please be respectful and quit calling your grandmother LADY". As if she even understood what I said. Thank God everyone was laughing.I guess it could have been worse cond=sidering who she hads for a mother. She could have said "Bye Bitch".

Anyway, I changed my guestbook because I think it freaked people out and QUITE FRANKLY, only 6 beautiful,wonderful people signed it. I added a new guest book and a counter. Because I am a giant pimple on the ASS of society ...THAT'S WHY. And a big dork.

So I don't have any new observations for you today, so I will leave with this.

Bye Bitch.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some New Observations

Yo Gabba Gabba: Holy Shit , Are you kidding me? Its like something out of the 60's, H.R. Puf n Stuf or whatever. Now if I was stoned this would be my favorite show on earth as would Scooby -Doo, but alas I am not a teenager and therefore this show is a bit shocking. However, I like the music except for the whole "There's a party in my yummy so yummy etc." its kinda of creepy but kinda cute. I like the little foods with faces. If I was them though I would not want to go to the party in someone's tummy.
How do they get famous people on this show? The episodes I have seen so far had Elijah Wood, and the singer Mya. They teach dances its weird but I am pretty impressed.
One more thing I swear the red bumpy guy is a vibrator, you cannot argue with this one.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Just Love This Pic

My Friend

I just needed to be serious for a minute and ask all of you to pray for my friend. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and even though it looks treatable, I want you all to pray for her. She has a heart of gold but God help you if she doesn't like you.LOL She would do anything for you and has so much love to give. She is a hard ass but inside she is so sensitive. She has been through so much for being in her 40's and I know she is going to get through this too. Valerie I love you and admire your strengths as well as you weaknesses.

Now I had to share a very funny story about the person I am closest to but who is not myself. She shall remain nameless but you know who you are, DK. DK had never had a ATM/Debit card before . So I am over at her house and I see all these voided checks that she gave Skylie to play with. I was like, "Are you trying to get rid of your checks so you can get new ones or what?" DK explains that she had used her debit card a couple times and had to write those checks as voided so she could keep up with her check book.I swear to God I laughed at this for several minutes before I could manage to explain how the whole debit thing works.After I explained everything and we laughed and laughed and laughed, I said ,"With all the Going Green stuff, it would be a shame to waste all that paper" She says "Yeah I thought that was kind of weird."

Onnie or Owe-Me( Skylar keeps changing her name ) and I took the little Tookus to the park today . It was the coolest park I have ever been to. Its HUGE and has so many fun things.She had alot of fun and she was pretty interactive with all the other kiddos. She tends to be shy and its nice to see her breaking out of her shell.She even told a boy , "Saw-ee boy" when she was in his way to climb down the steps. She is so cute.

Wonder Pets Observation :Ok, its pretty cute but by the time they putz around on the phone trying to find out the animal in trouble, sing a song about it and then put their "fly boat" together. The animal would be dead or at least permanently damaged Just a thought.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hi, Its Been Awhile

So it has been so heartwrenching not to be able to hold my sweet bean. IT STINKS !!!Only 5 more weeks, YEAH RIGHT!!!I told the doctor I would try to refrain from lifting her but I will not promise not to pick her up while I am in a seated position, or hold her while on the floor.
As many of you gathered I have the vocabulary of a sailor, but I have really stopped all that in front of Skylar.The worst thing I say ,which is really not bad but I was taught in catholic school that is just as bad as F**K, is ...drum roll please, JESUS. I say it all the time. Well Lil' Miss says it too.Our conversation went like this:
Me : I love you Skylar
Butterbean: under her breath while walking away... JESUS
It took all of my strength not to pee in my pants with laughter but ALAS I ignored it.

Okay so you all know that I am a TV nut so here's some new observations:

Calliou: What is wrong with this poor little boy? Why does his parents, grandparents, and little sister have more hair than him?Does he suffer from Alopecia?

Barney: Where are the vents that let the people breathe? And what's the deal with the little one (not BeeBop or B.J.)?His /her mouth is weird in comparison to its peers.Furthermore,does anyone ever want to laugh when you think of the name B.J.on a children's show?

MTV VMA's Holy crap what is wrong with Britney Spears? What is she on?Did she even know where she was? Sarah Silverman is a riot... LOVE her. Jamie Foxx gets on my nerves.Finally why does MTV change its name to Reality TV Network because God knows they DON'T play music anymore.Don't get me wrong I love me some reality shows but its definetly NOT the MTV I grew up with.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pics of Skylie in her Guatemalan dress

She prayed for Mommy's Boo-Boos

Well I made it, everyone knew I would except me. Onnie and I picked Skylie up as soon as I was released. She had to show us everything at Mammy's. All her toys and her bed.She is soo cute.
I am sore but the Vicodin is helping lots. Onnie is staying here for a few days to help me out. Its more like a slumber party, we have too much fun. So Ralph puts Skylie to bed ladt night and they say her prayers.Ralph always asks "Who do you want to pray for ? " She said the usual " Daddy, Mommy, Onnie,Pawpaw,Etc." then says,
"mommy's boo-boos,( TOO CUTE!) hands , feet," Ralph says, "Anybody else?" she says
"mommy's hands, mommy's feet. AMEN I love my little girl.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I am so scared

I am absolutely terrified for tomorrow's very easy surgery. I have never been scared of any surgery in my life. I got released from my hysterectomy the morning after I had it for Godsakes.I have an incredible high pain tolerance. I am sooo afraid something will go horribly wrong and I will never see my beautiful baby girl ever again. I know its silly but this is the first thing we've gone through since Skylie came home.

My Beautiful Baby Skylar,
I know I am being overly dramatic here but bare with me. I want you to know your the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was meant to be your mom, its all I've ever wanted to be.You are my one SURE thing. You have understood me since the day I first held you in my arms. You are so smart and everyday you amaze me with new things you've learned.You have always been so independent and I love that about you. My heart feels like its going to explode everyday because I love you more, I don't think its possible to love THIS MUCH but yet I do.I will never leave you.I know you'll piss me off and you will hate me for a few years but we'll get through it. Always know you can tell me anything and I will still love you. I will love you no matter what.