Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can't Sleep.......

I am so wide AWAKE !!!! We had a great day today, we went to Guatefest,MO. It was really cool to see all the kids together in one place.I got some great pics.I often wonder at these events if Skylar's bio-siblings were there and we just don't know it.I mean the odds are against that. Her 2 sisters and her brother could be anywhere. I just hope one day they can find each other. I HOPE it is sooner than later.That is why I am on the Guatemalan Sibling Registery. I want to be contacted if only to exchange pictures at first and build their relationship slowly so that when they ARE old enough to understand,they can build upon what they already have.

We went to the in-laws house tonight for dinner. We had a delish dinner. Rizzo's has the BEST baked mosticolli(sp?)So MIL goes out for a smoke and Skylar says " Bye Lady ". Oh My God !!! And she kept saying it. I said "Please be respectful and quit calling your grandmother LADY". As if she even understood what I said. Thank God everyone was laughing.I guess it could have been worse cond=sidering who she hads for a mother. She could have said "Bye Bitch".

Anyway, I changed my guestbook because I think it freaked people out and QUITE FRANKLY, only 6 beautiful,wonderful people signed it. I added a new guest book and a counter. Because I am a giant pimple on the ASS of society ...THAT'S WHY. And a big dork.

So I don't have any new observations for you today, so I will leave with this.

Bye Bitch.


Kristen and the Gang said...

That is great you went to your get is so important for these little angels to have friends that have also been adopted and from the same country ...IMO!
PS...I have never heard from that yahoo group??? It says my membership is still pending?? Any suggestions??? You can email me at

MayasMom said...

Great blog! I'm linking you back to mine!