Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carl Carlson

I don't know why.I love the Simpson's especially Lenny and Carl.

We went apple picking but there wasn't any apples to pick because of a late frost in the spring. We went with the in-laws, brother and sister in-law and our beautiful niece, Miss K. The girls are soooo cute together. They had pumpkins and a petting zoo. Skylie is getting so brave with the animals now. She fed the goats, a cow, and a pig. She also went into the Moonwalk, jumping aparatus...I don't know what the contraption is actually called...she loved it. She bounced and bounced and jumped and jumped.

I'll post pics later.

Sky's 2nd birthday is on Saturday. I cannot believe it. We are having a Wiggely party. Its going to be so fun. Heide, Patrick and Teaghan are coming down from PoDunk (kidding), Iowa. Nat, Brian and Hayden are hopefully coming. Jamie, the girls and the new little guy are coming down from Whoville, Indiana. Of course the Fam will be there. Jeff's new girlfriend , L will be there too. I look forward to getting to know her, she seems very funny. Which brings me to the next story...

We went to GG's to visit GG of couse but Aunt Vern too. We got an extra surprise because Aunt Carol was there .We had lunch and played all afternoon. Jeff and L came and met GG and Aunt Vern ( Aunt Carol had left by then). Jeff announced to them that he is selling his house and shacking up with L.I knew about this all week and I promised not to slip up and tell my mom. It was very hard but I did it.I almost slipped several; times but I did it. YAY me.Anyhooter, GG says " L are you guys still going to be together for Christmas?" L says " No , we plan on ending it by then. "
Good comeback L. I like that in a girl. Your funny.

Skylar counts to ten with us.That's my girl.

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