Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Friend

I just needed to be serious for a minute and ask all of you to pray for my friend. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and even though it looks treatable, I want you all to pray for her. She has a heart of gold but God help you if she doesn't like you.LOL She would do anything for you and has so much love to give. She is a hard ass but inside she is so sensitive. She has been through so much for being in her 40's and I know she is going to get through this too. Valerie I love you and admire your strengths as well as you weaknesses.

Now I had to share a very funny story about the person I am closest to but who is not myself. She shall remain nameless but you know who you are, DK. DK had never had a ATM/Debit card before . So I am over at her house and I see all these voided checks that she gave Skylie to play with. I was like, "Are you trying to get rid of your checks so you can get new ones or what?" DK explains that she had used her debit card a couple times and had to write those checks as voided so she could keep up with her check book.I swear to God I laughed at this for several minutes before I could manage to explain how the whole debit thing works.After I explained everything and we laughed and laughed and laughed, I said ,"With all the Going Green stuff, it would be a shame to waste all that paper" She says "Yeah I thought that was kind of weird."

Onnie or Owe-Me( Skylar keeps changing her name ) and I took the little Tookus to the park today . It was the coolest park I have ever been to. Its HUGE and has so many fun things.She had alot of fun and she was pretty interactive with all the other kiddos. She tends to be shy and its nice to see her breaking out of her shell.She even told a boy , "Saw-ee boy" when she was in his way to climb down the steps. She is so cute.

Wonder Pets Observation :Ok, its pretty cute but by the time they putz around on the phone trying to find out the animal in trouble, sing a song about it and then put their "fly boat" together. The animal would be dead or at least permanently damaged Just a thought.


Kristen and the Gang said...

Kelly....your a riot! The Wonder Pets get on my nerves BIG TIME!!!
I hope your friend has a very fast recovery. I am sure she is very grateful to have a friend like you to lean on!! To you and your friend...Stay Strong and Kick the "BIG C's" butt!!!

Our Ohana said...

You crack me up! Too funny. That show drives me nuts. We pretty much stick to Disney and PBS. every time I turn on Nick it's something like Wow Wow Wubbzy. Seriously, who comes up with this sh**!

Anonymous said...

I had cancer 13 years ago, when my twins were 11 mos old (and their big brother was 3) and the best advice I received was to read a book called "Love, Medicine & Miracles" by a cancer surgeon named Bernie Seigel. I have made every one in my life read this's like an instruction manual for happiness and meaningful life. Will pray for your fried too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kell, you're the best. Love you bunches!!!!