Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Day

Going to this doctor "Ain't So Bad!!!!"

Now Listen up Kids, This is how I write My Name.

Our day was a good one. We went up to the Pipefitter's but Ann doesn't come in on Thursdays...of course. So that was a bust. We had a great time in the kids waiting room while we waited for Owe-Me to get her check up.Dad didn't want us to come visit him because Jen ( who loves seeing Skylar) was not in today, so that was a bust. We ended up at G.G.'s and she took us all in and fed us lunch. Skylar had a blast. She got into the pantry and was playing with the canned goods and her baby. She also got into the napkins and was covering the rooster lamp with them. When G.G. asked who the rooster was she said "Jesus".My Gram is a very Catholic little woman but she laughed at this. She lives in the middle of the ghetto and refuses to move because of her church. My gramps died a few years ago. I think that's where I get my stubborness. Anyway Gram can't get enough of Skylie.Here's another try at the video I tried to upload the other day. Skylar is playing in the middle of G.G.'s back yard in a grass pile. Owe-Me and I are acting stupid.

Skylar spent the night at Owe-me and Pawpaw's house the other nite . She palyed with Jackie's two grandaughters K and M. K is 3 and M is a week older than Sky.Sky and K were sitting next to each other and my mom says to K. " Look at you two , you look like twins."K looks at Sky and giggles and says to my mom, "No I am white Skylar is dark." My mom said, "I meant your clothes." I thought it was funny but it put a fear in me for later on when Sky starts school. You know kids can be assholes.

You Girls Are So White ...You Glow in the Dark !!!!
You know I am Kidding, I'm Gonna Miss You Guys !!!!! New Hampshire......Hmmm That's Not As Far As Guatemala.Maybe Mommy and Owe-Me Will Take Me For A Visit ???? What Do You Say Owe-Me and Mommy ???????????????????????????????????

So the girls got all dirty and Owe-Me gave Lil'Miss a bath when they got home. Owe-Me didn't know she was taping this and it is very short but hilarious. I absolutely adore her turban. Watch Skylie's eyes. Toooooo CUTE !!!!

Isn't She Funny? I have No idea where she gets it?????


Holly G. said...

Um yeah, I wonder where she gets it from too!!!

Have you been letting her watch Ben again;)???

Anonymous said...

I love the videos. Thanks for going with me today. cul8r.


Our Ohana said...

Love the videos. very cute. I wonder where she gets it from too! :)

Kristen and the Gang said...

I love these 2 videos...your girl is such a character!! I think she may go into acting???