Thursday, September 27, 2007

Please Sign This Petition

Please sign this petition so the Department of State will support their OWN citizens who are trying to bring their children home. They put out a statement this week that they ( Our United States Department of State) will not support those citizens who are adopting from Guatemala and are still in process after January 1, 2008. As you all know adoption is a lengthy process and for many it can take over a year and 1000's will be left behind to fend for themselves in poverty with no homes, no families. Some of these children are old enough to know they have a family waiting for them in the United States.We are talking about children's lives. Please pass this on to everyone you know. This is it , they are very serious about shutting Guatemalan Adoptions down.You will have to put your e-mail down but you can keep it private. I implore you to support us and the many adoptive families trying to bring their children home.

Ralph, Kelly, And Skylar

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Kathy said...

I already signed it and just sent an email to everyone on my list to sign it as well. Great idea to put in on your blog...I may have to copy you!