Thursday, September 6, 2007

She prayed for Mommy's Boo-Boos

Well I made it, everyone knew I would except me. Onnie and I picked Skylie up as soon as I was released. She had to show us everything at Mammy's. All her toys and her bed.She is soo cute.
I am sore but the Vicodin is helping lots. Onnie is staying here for a few days to help me out. Its more like a slumber party, we have too much fun. So Ralph puts Skylie to bed ladt night and they say her prayers.Ralph always asks "Who do you want to pray for ? " She said the usual " Daddy, Mommy, Onnie,Pawpaw,Etc." then says,
"mommy's boo-boos,( TOO CUTE!) hands , feet," Ralph says, "Anybody else?" she says
"mommy's hands, mommy's feet. AMEN I love my little girl.

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