Friday, September 21, 2007

Shout Out To Holly G. and Family

Holly, Zo,Gia and Nino: This one's for you guys. I wanted Yo Gabba Gabba on in the background but it just didn't work out. It took her awhile to get it all out but she did.Excuse the mess.View this montage created at One True MediaTo Holly G. and Family 9/22/07 HAPPY HOMECOMING GUYS !!! Also I cannot believe that the drawing guy is from Devo. TOO FUNNY !!!

WALMART: So Owe-Me, Sky and I had to go to Walmart to pick up my contacts...which reminds me we have really good insurance but the vision SUCKS...Anyway we don't really go to Walmart because of ALOT of reasons I won't go into right now, we prefer Target but whatever,we pull up in the parking lot and she says Noopy Noopy. She has been here a total of maybe 4 times in her life but she remembers the Snoopy ride in the entrance to the store. That's my girl, Smarty Pants

Chucky Cheese:We decided to take Pumpkin Butter to Chucky Cheese last night. On are way we had to stop for Ralph's coffee and my DDP at QT. You know we live so far away from Chucky Cheese we needed to get our drinks on. (yeah right). Anyway we pull up and we swear she says Damn Cheetos, WHAT????? We have no idea what she really said but why was she talking about Cheetos ?????

We got home and all of us were playing on the floor. She told me to laydown,stole Ralph's pillow and handed me her Bubby. She covered me with a lei (you know the things from Hawaii... can't spell today ) and starts her Night night routine.

Sky: Pigs Pigs Pigs ... Pairs (prayers)...AMEN.

Mommy: Peeing in her pants laughing.


Our Ohana said...

Sky is such a cutie. I'm so glad that someone else's bedroom looks like mine. :) Next time you go to CC call me...I'll drive the 9.5 hours to join you.hahaha I love CC.

Kathy said...

Skylar is so cute!! I will say I kept expecting to see her close the drawer on the cat though!

Holly G. said...

That video is so cute, I feel like a celebrity now. I guess I really am a goddess;) Thanks, you made my day.

Skylar ignores you the same way Gia ignores me:) I also like how she calls Zo, "Ho" least that's what it sounds like.

I'm going to show Gia the video in the morning to see what she does. She'll probably start twirling when she sees Skylar twirling.

BTW, what are you doing with your cat in the drawer??? I hope you don't make Skylar sleep in a drawer too:)

CresceNet said...
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