Monday, October 8, 2007

The Big 2nd Birthday

Playing with my cool new microwave, in my cool pink boots that "Nana" Jackie gave me.

The birthday cake is almost ready.

Don't tell anybody I'm giving this to you K, its TOP SECRET.

Uncle Jeff and L, and my great Aunt Vern (An-Ern as I call her)

Mommy, this is incredible !!!!!

Hey Teaghan , how's my new jammies working out?

K... what is it ???

Teaghan where are you going? I need your help.

Mommy I need to study my art work .....Please blow my candle out.

I bake the best birthday cake.


Our Ohana said...

Too cute!! Toby would like to know what all Skylie received as a heads up for the next big MO visit. LOL I'm glad you finally posted pics, cause I was dying over here waiting for them!! Love the cake with the Wiggles car.


Katie said...

Happy 2nd Bday Skylie !!! My twins both love cheese and hate milk !!!

Kristen and the Gang said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Skylie again!! Looks like everyone had a great fun, cake filled day!!

Kathy said...

Looks like a fun party! Love the pink boots!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl! Your letter to her was beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

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