Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheesecake Factory and Fave Foto Friday Thrice

Fave Foto # 1: Ralph and Sky
"Guess How Much Daddy Loves You ?"
The following photos are backasswards because I forgot what I was doing.

Daddy... I'm thirsty.

Ewwwweeee Pepsi


What you mean its all gone ???????????

Lucy cuddling with the Little People Mercado Balls

Earlier today :

Fave foto #2 : Skylie this morning before we left

Mmmmm bread and bananas.

Feeling some beats coming my way.

Owe-Me you feel'in my rythyme

I just stole Owe-Me's peanut buttered bread.

The sweet taste of eating someone elses' bread.
Sweet satisfaction.

What Ma? Its not peanut butter? What the hell is it then?

Owe-Me the bib goes.

Thanks Owe-Me now I will feed you pretend food.

Open up

I am so saw-yee, Let me make some more.

Mixie Mixmix mix mix mix

Your hilarious

A psychic attack: I see cheesecake in my future.

BOOO YAAA Take that Lady Cleo

Ma do you think you could STOP with the pics huh?

Oh Great Ceasar's Ghost I am fuk'in full.

Oh shit I think I'm gonna puke.

Your right , a drink will help.

Owe-Me knows best (Mommy is smirking while typing this) Just Josh'in Owe-me

Fave Foto # 3 :The 2 Most Important Ladies in My Life
I love you both so much and I admire both of you. I hope I can be as good of a mom as you were to me. I hope Skylie will look up to me as I to you. I love you mom and were both a couple of bitches. We wouldn't be us if we weren't. I love your honesty, don't ever apologize for that.
Skylar was a hoot today. She kept telling us " I am so saw-yee".We went to Gymboree and Owe-Me bought her some leopard print items including shoes. We put the shoes on her and asked her if she liked them. She put her hands out like paws and roared. The Sales girl fell in love with her right then and there. SKYLAR YOU ARE TOO CUTE !!!!! Tonight she wanted to play Blues Clues with a notebook and crayon ( she made this game up herself... such a little creative genius)and wanted her daddy's attention so she kept saying
"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.....Ralph, Ralph, Daddy!!" This kind of hurt Ralph's feelings but it was really cute.She also kept saying shaky chair which I later figured out she was saying Thinking Chair because she sits down in her chair and says "Let's See" "Hmmm" She is soooo entertaining. She is also getting into Halloween right in time.She is constantly talking about monsters and candy.She is really digging chocolate or as she calls it " Klawk-il-it" I love it. But the best would have to be the cottonballs or "cock-n-balls" . Thanks for the Smiles Skylie!! Never forget Mommy is your #1 fan. I love you baby girl.


Owe-me said...

Oh Kel, I'm your #1 fan. Today was fun. I love you. Someday maybe we'll get to go see OHHHHH-Pra!!!!!!!!!

Kerri said...

Love all the pics of that little cutie! Can't wait to have a spring playdate at Silver Dollar City!
Kerri and Ruby

Kathy said...

Skylar has the best expressions! John says sawyee too. Isn't it just the cutest?!