Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fave Foto Friday and a ALOT of Other Pics

This is my Fave Foto Friday Pic - Skylie is looking over me and at her Daddy.

Mommy & Me are hiding from the BUGS !!!!

You want some attitude ... I got your attitude right heeeeya!!!!!
(As you can see Mommy hates folding laundry , she would rather take pictures of moiii (sp?))

Don't even act like your gonna take my Bubby away

Who's a good Bubby? You are, yes you are.

Besos to Bubby

He's such a cuddle-bug.

These are my babie's toys. See?

Mirror Mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?

Being cute.

Soda tickles my nose. (Mommy wants to kick Daddy's ass for giving it to me.)

Kiss my butt...slap slap

Hey Uncle Jeff ...look at my Kenpo Karate moves.

OH No !!!!!

Get your groove on, Shake your booty!!!!

Baby gone WILD!!!!

Now its time to get serious people.

Yeah Right !!!!! NEVER

Enjoy your Friday folks !!!! And have a totally tubular weekend !!!! Like I am So like Ready!!!!
80's people do you remember when it was cool to talk like that ????


Kathy said...

As always great pics (but how can they not be with Skylar as the subject) and love the comments...too funny!

Kristen and the Gang said...

I love these pics..what amazing personality Sky has!! It shows right thru the pics...i hope i can meet her in person someday!!!

Kerri said...

I love all the pics! She's such a cutie!
Kerri and Ruby

Type (little) a said...

Super Cute! :-)