Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fave Foto Friday A Bit Early

About 2o Minutes After meeting My Daughter For The First Time April 15, 2006

What's up blogger friends? We are doing good here. Skylie is talking a mile a minute and is so much fun HOWEVER the tantrums have begun. The key to her tantrums right now is diverting her attention elsewhere which can be challenging. I think I've done good so far. Ralph is taking tomorrow off so I think we are going to the zoo. I will have plenty of pics to share tomorrow.

I am going to share this video with you guys because its hilarious. Ralph is chasing Sky around and she is giggling. You will also hear Ralph's high pitched laughter that makes me laugh instantly. If you were just listening you would think its Skylie with another woman and not her daddy.Notice : She has a piece of cheese on her plate...OF COURSE.Then the cheese turns into pizza...go figure.Its such a cute video , Skylie you are such a daddy's girl just like you should be. I love you guys. Here is the video of my 2 lady loves...BE SURE TO MUTE MY PLAYLIST SO YOU CAN HEAR IT. ENJOY

Isn't that funny, cute, and adorable. Bye Guys!


Kerri said...

I love those early pics - such good memories.
Kerri and Ruby

Kristen and the Gang said...

OMG...that was just too precious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening! So, really, who is the other girl in the video with Skylie??? Fess Up?

Katie said...

That is the cutest video !!!

Kathy said...

Great picture and I love the video! And I think John has a crush on Skylar...he was stopped playing when the video was on and then made me play it twice more!