Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Ghosts and Goblins!!!!

Can we go trick or treating yet?

Let's go NOW, Owe-Me,Owe-Knee,or No-Knee

Even Bubby is dressed up (look Owe-Me we coordinate)

These crunchy little peanut butter M&M's are "lish-ee-ous"


What time is it ? Time to go yet?

Yes Bubby you can have these M&M Mini's

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I love Halloween Day !!!!

Lalalalalalalala This is awesome dude!!!!!

Mammy, where's Kate?

What do you mean "home in bed"? You mean its OVER :(
Skylie you are such a joy. We had so much fun tonight. Thank you for letting us see Halloween through your eyes once again.We are so lucky to be your parents.


Kathy said...

Skylar is an adorable cheerleader and love the coordinating lovey! Sounds like you had a fun Halloween!

Type (little) a said...

I love the cheerleader outfit!

Holly G. said...

She's the cutest little cheerleader that I ever did see:)


Our Ohana said...

How adorable is Skyler!?! I love that bubby dressed up too. So cute. Sorry I haven't posted a comment lately, I feel like I'm going in 20 different directions. I swear I'll get back to commenting again soon. Just know that I'm here everyday looking at Princess Skyler Cuteness and reading the funny ass comments of her incredible Mommy!

Kerri said...

One of the cutest cheerleaders I've ever seen. :)
Kerri and Ruby