Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Italian Soup

Lucy 10 weeks old

Hey Mommy, Bet you can't find me under all this hair

What about now?

Monkey Kisses

Daddy, I'm hungry. Are my noodles done yet ?

I just want a tiny nibble.


WE ... WANT ... YOU !!!!!

UHHHHGGGGG too many noodles

I 'm sad its over.

Daddy's in a narcoleptic state as Mommy likes to say.

Captain Feathersword fell asleep on his pirate ship

Arrrrrg me hardees !!!!

I'm gonna call GG

Mommy she's not answering me.

GG, ......GG,...... GG !!!!!!!!!! Pick up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubby Let's go nite nite.
Ralph made Italian soup tonight for dinner and Owe-me brought the bread.As you can see, Skylie appreciated it. It was really yummy. Lucy is adjusting well to the madhouse she is now a part of.
Yesterday Owe-Me, Sky and I went up to the YMCA. We dropped Sky off at the daycare to see how she would do while we went to work out. She did AWESOME, 15 minutes before they paged me. That was the very first time she has ever been away from me. She watched us leave and everything. I am so proud of my little peanut.Hopefully she does better tomorrow. Or maybe she'll freak out? CRAP I hope not I guess we'll see.

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Dutch said...

I love the pictures almost as much as I loved the soup.