Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Day at the Zoo and Dinner

Its a bit chilly today.



Look Mommy and Daddy I look like Diego !!

EWEEEEEEE Your cute.

Pucker up, Baby Goat.


WOWEE !!!!! That's one big MONKEY ??!!

Oh CRAP , a family POE-Trit ( as Daddy calls it )

Mommy please I am starving. Can we go to Rizzo's?

Sweet Suzy ....Where is my freak'in food ??

OH YEAH !!!!

That's some gooooooooooooooood shiz-nit !!!!!!

Daddy I swear that monkey's butt was this big !!!!

Daddy you are so right....It did look like Anderson Cooper.


Our Ohana said...

Love the Monkey Butt and the AC comment. Your comments are hysterical and fit the pics perfectly. You gave me a great laugh. glad you had a fun time at the zoo. monkey butt. So funny I had to say it again!

Kathy said...

Love your comments! The picture of Skylar waiting for her food is too funny. She has the best expressions.

Kristen and the Gang said...

OK....I officially had my morning laugh...TYVM!!! Skylie is just sooo funny and has the most hysterical expressions. Lovin the family pic and OH Girl...what is the obcession with MONKEY BUTT??? But I do agree it does resemble Anderson Cooper!!