Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pics of Last Weekend

Mom, if you think I am gonna sit on this bull ....I think your full of BULL.

WOOOOHOOOO I did it, LOOK at me !!!!! Where did K go???

What a S-a-a-w-e-e-t ride !!!!!

Seeeeeyeeeee (silly) goats.

Wow what a big fat cow.

Looking SERIOUSLY at the ponies with my daddy.

Stick with me K ... I won't let that boy trample us.

Care to join me in a game of GIANT Chess???

HMMMMMMMMM, I think I know what My Plan of action is.

Ahhh Yes, I can see what your plan is my dear K. I can read you like a book.

What a great game.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics. K and Skylar are so cute together.


Kathy said...

Skylar is so cute! I love the pics of her and K playing chess.

Katie said...

Love the picture of her sitting on the bull !!!!!!