Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Pre-Party

These boots SO go with this dress

This is Butterscotch but I call him "BUTTERS" my Uncle Jeff got him for me last Christmas. He used to scare the Bajingles out of me ...

But now I love him... Just don't turn him on !!!!

Oh GOD another year older.

Watcha me Watcha me

Riding my broom because I am a witch ...

A GOOD witch Mommy !!!!

I know I am Funny

NO WAIT I am Freak'in HILARIOUS !!!!

Hey is that Diego , Hey Diego check out my cute bloomers

Oh its just you Dora and Swiper NO Swiping

Hmmm I think I have time to go shopping ... Mommy says a girl always has time to shop.

Ahhhh I need to rest my dogs for few minutes before all my peeps come over to celebrate ME
Be sure to check out the next post, Mommy went nuts and posted even more pics.


Our Ohana said...

Hey there girl,

Thanks SOOOOO much for tagging me. Did you catch my sarcasm there? lol I LOVE all the pics. She is adorable. Such a riot just like her mommy.

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Such a pretty birthday girl!

Michelle Smiles said...

What a cutie!