Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkins,Ponies and Cottonballs

Are we at the Beach?

These people sure do love their pumpkins. What do you do with them anyway?

I am so bored of this place....Can we go now?

(Hey Roxie... does she look familiar ???? Spooky)

WOOHOO My first ever pony ride and I am not freaking out.

WEEEEEEEE, bouncy bouncy

My mommy thought this picture we be cool because of the windmill shadow but I refused to look at her.

Bubby's got a pumpkin too.

My great great grandpa owned this chair and I am the 3rd generation to play on it. I love it, its like a slide.I cannot believe its made it this long and its virtually in mint condition.

~~~~~And Slide Slide Slippity Slide~~~~~

Daddy looks real amused in this pic , doesn't he?

This is Saturday pics. We went to the Rombach's Pumpkin Patch AGAIN but we actually bought pumpkins this time. Then we ended up at owe-me and Pawpaw's house where Jeff had dropped the ancient fun slider chair because he is in the midst of a move. Can I describe the fun that was had on this chair ? ( Get your minds out of the gutter.) We had a blast on this thing .Its nothing fantastic but it slides and that's about it. Like 5 kids can get on it and it slides up or down when you push the lever. AHHHHHH kids and the fun they can have with furniture.

Sunday is in the post below.

So Yesterday (Monday) I was cleaning up in the bathroom and was talking to Sky. I was refilling the Q-tips jar, and worked my way to the cotton balls. I was literaaly on the floor laughing my ass off because of this........

Did she just say what I think said ???? Oh Skylie you are your mother's daughter !!!


bluethenpink said...

We soooooo need to get these two together it is very spooky!!! Even their attitudes look the same!! I love all the new pics she is getting so big! Have you cut her hair?? From the pic's hers looks thicker than Little Miss A's I need to get off my butt now and post our punkin' pics! LOL

Kristen and the Gang said...

Oh No She DIDN"T!!! That is way too much!!

Kathy said...

OMG!!! I think she did say what you think! Too funny!!

I love the pumpkin patch pics too! Very cute! Skylar always has such cute clothes. Lucky you gets to shop for adorable girl stuff. Boy stuff is pretty boring. You can only do so much with stripes, dinosaurs and trucks!

Dutch said...