Monday, October 15, 2007

Sometimes She is Socially Disabled

We met up with K, and her son B and B and her daughter S today at the mall. Skylar sat in the corner for about 30 minutes. S tried to be her friend but she didn't go for it though God bless you S, your a sweetie. Then she was kinda playing with B and all of a sudden she started crying. B I know you didn't do anything. I don't know why she was just not into socializing today. Maybe we need to go out more with other kids, I joined the YMCA and I hope to get her to play in the Kiddie Korner while I am doing my own thing. We also have a play group that gets together on Friday's however we have yet to attend I know that's GOOFY right???

Anyway Owe-Me pooped at Macy's. .....She told me to type that.

So she bought Skylie a wintercoat at Gymboree. Its soooo cute. We also got some outfits at Macy's before Owe-Me pooped.We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and I swear to God my sandwich could have fed a family of 6. It was yummy though.

We went in to Stride Rite to get Sky some shoes and the lady was such a bitch. They didn't have her size OF COURSE. They only had pink, I didn't want pink I wanted brown. So I told the gal "No Thanks". We never saw any of the employees again. They just went in the back. Great customer service. What a bunch of BITCHES. Sorry I didn't want your ugly pink shoes.

So we came home and Ralph cooked his and Owe-Me's favorite...buttered spaghetti. I skipped it after the massive lunch I had. Skylie tried on her fairy dress up outfit I got her for her b-day. She was jumping and twirling all over the house. Soooooo cute.

So to recap our day:
Skylar is unsocialable
Owe-Me pooped at Macy's
The gal at Stride Rite is a bitch
Skylar likes her fairy outfit


Kerri said...

It's okay Skylar - everyone's allowed an unsociable day every once in a while. Tomorrow will be better.
Kerri and Ruby

Kathy said...

I bet she was just having a "2 year old" moment when she didn't want to socialize. It happens! And I am jealous you got into Cheesecake Factory. We went on Saturday and it was a 95 minute wait for a table. Thanks but no thanks!