Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been Tagged by Kerri @ Kerri's Journey to Motherhood ( YOU STINKER )

Jobs I have Had :
1) bagger @ National Supermarket
2) waitress @ Steak n' Shake
3) veterinarian technician
4) assistant manager @ Pop's General Store in Downtown Historic District
5) receptionist @ Orthopedic Office
6) Stay @ home mommy by far the best job ever

Places I have lived:

1) St. Louis and surrounding city

Food I love :
1) French Fries
2) Birthday Cake Ice Cream
3) Starbuck's Light Expresso Frappicino
4) Chevy's Chips and Salsa
5) Chik-Fila Chicken and Waffle fries

Places I would Rather Be:
1) Sanibel Island
2) Captiva Island
3) Guatemala

Movies I Love:
1) Shaun of the Dead
2) Goodfellas and the Godfather movies
3) Anchorman
4) Penny Serenade w/ Cary Grant
5) It's A Wonderful Life
6) Houseboat
7) Mildred Pierce
8) Life w/ Michael Keaton
9) The Breakfast Club
10) Sixteen Candles

TV Shows I Watch:
1) House
2) CSI - Las Vegas
3) The Hills... I know I am sick
4) 48 Hours Hard Evidence
5) How I Met Your Mother -"Suit Up"

Books I Love :
1) The Glass Castle
2) The Secret Life of Bees
3) A Seperate Piece
4) The Color Purple
5) Any Stephen King books except IT because clowns scare the shit out of me especially one named Pennywise EEEK

I am Tagging:
1) Holly G.
2) Tina and Toby
3) Kristen and the Gang

Sorry girls !!!

I have 2 new posts sure to check'um out !!!!!


Holly G. said...

Dude, don't be sorry...I love these things!!!

Now send me your dang address so that I can send you an announcement.

Our Ohana said...

The Hills...shame, shame. Lol

Thanks for the good time. And you leaving me two comments cracked me up. Oh, and HIMYM rocks.

Kerri said...

Love all the pics in the other posts - especially the pink boots!
Kerri and Ruby

Kristen and the Gang said...

Ok is done and posted on my blog!!! Stories section!