Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 Crafty Ladies

I Feel Pretty ... Oh So Pretty

Before: Our Messy X-Mas Placemats
(Sky is an excellent but messy painter)

After: Our Beautiful X-mas Placemats

My new baskets for under the coffee/TV table are in.
What do you think? I like them.

My Christmas tree is up , its all shatterproof ornaments except for a chosen few.I love it because its the easiest Christmas tree I've ever put together.

Butter noodles with Parmesan...My fave.

Delicioso !!!!!!!!!!

There's a Lucie in the tree.


Prickly Pete said...

I love the first picture! The placemats are beautiful! The picture of Lucy is just like the one of Mr. Kitty.

Kathy said...

Beautiful tree! The placemats are lovely too.

Kathy said...
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bluethenpink said...

How creative you both are!! Placemats and the tree wow do you all do good work :o) so when are you coming over to do my tree lol!
The kitty in the tree is priceless!
But that first pic.....will come back to haunt her when she has her graduation open house I am sure LOL!!! Too funny!!