Wednesday, November 21, 2007

bUTteR mE Up, Have Some Soda & Happy Thanksgiving

All Greased Up In Her Noodle Glasses Yesterday

Gleaming and Glowing in Buttery Glory

Stop No Pictures Please

I told the Paparazzi not to Come into my Room

No good photo ops Here

I said STOP

Mmmmmmmm S-O-D-A

That's lip smack'in G-O-O-D !!!!!

I am Hiding from Mommy Because
She'll flip out Cause I had me a sip of Sodie

Pretending to have some more soda.

Look Its Soda, You want Some

Your fix of Skylie Butt


My Darling Clementines....See they are delish !!!!
We hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!


Holly G. said...

Skylie BUTT!!!!

OH.MY.GOODNESS. I would have died if Gia did that with her pasta. I can see why you didn't have any clothes on her!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

bluethenpink said...

I second what Holly said!!! Heaven to Murgatroid that was a lot of pasta!!! LOL I bet she could've slipped right out of your arms if you'd have grabbed her! LOL!!
I am gald that you had a great Thanksgiving! We did too!

Kelly said...

butter and soda...what more can you want????