Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fave Foto Friday

Let's start by saying I love my comments and I check them 100 times a day. That being said I tell my mom to leave me comments because she knows I am obsessed . SO mom aka:dutch,Owe-me,Onnie, Peppa Lapue, Blanche Devereaux( that would have been a good one),Lurlene Lumpkin,Sweet Petunia,Dirty Panties,Chrissy Chrysanthemum,Constance Montclair( how I miss her and sweet Pogo)... or whatever...thank you your names crack me up and now I continue to ask because I love seeing not only the comments but mostly the names you come up with. You make me laugh.

Now leave me some comments before my mother commits me. Thanks !!!!!!!


bluethenpink said...

ok here is my comment to keep you from being committed

comment :o)

Kristen and the Gang said...

Oh...I love this picture of the of you too!!!!

Kerri said...

Don't get commited. You have to meet us at Silver Dollar City in the spring. What if they don't let you out in time?
Kerri and Ruby