Monday, November 19, 2007

One HellUvADay

So I went to bed at around 12:30 last night and woke up at 4:30 because I sleep like shit these days. Skylar had the whole house smelling of shit and I couldn't bring myself to wake her up to change her pants because we had pics taken today and I knew she wouldn't go back to sleep.That's how it all started.

Onnie picked us up to go to Sear's for pictures and all was good so far. We get there and Skylar had spilled her apple water juice all over herself and her beautful dress.I thought Onnie was gonna have a nervous breakdown and start to cry. But I am okay with it shit happens and we have time to go dry it off in the bathroom and if that doesn't work we have the other dress. Well I look at her and she has juice running down her chin... yes the little Miss had spit her juice out NOT spilled it. I am still okay, pissed but I don't let her know because I want good pictures . This is picture day and stressful enough with her because of the last time we had pictures or lack there of and had to leave because she threw huge tantrum.

Fine. Got her cleaned up no stains and went to studio. The lady talks to her like she's an infant to try to get her to smile and Sky just looks at the woman blankley because after all she is acting a little nutty and she isn't funny. The lady therefore gets a little pissy and tries to get the best pictures she can of my horrible little model...She is 2 lady get a grip !!!! It is NOT her fault your NOT FUNNY ! Finally get enough pics and some good ones thanks to Onnie and a box of Tic Tacs.By this point I am ready to pass the fuck out, my nerves are shot.

We roam around for 2o minutes while we wait to see the pics. Head back to the studio and wait and wait and finally see the mediocre pics. The women at Sears are fighting with each other and you can cut the tension in the air with a knife.Ladies why can't you all get along, my god you are the biggest bunch of bitches I have ever seen.Get over yourselves and just get on with your jobs. Don't involve me in it, I just want my fucking pictures . I don't care who is suppose to be answering the phone and taking care of this , that or the other. NOT MY PROBLEM. I do not want to purchase one of your elaborate fucking collages I just want some 5 x 7's and maybe a couple wallets. Shut up with your schpeel and get on with it.

45 minutes later we leave to go to JBuck's for lunch and to see Jackie of course. Thank God because I am about to eat Skylar I am so hungry. Someone remind me why I did this shit. Oh yeah Sky would finally have a picture of her and her Mommy, and of Christmas 2oo7. Dude whatever I am so tired.


Our Ohana said...

God Bless You cause I haven't even attepted this feat with Toby yet. I know he will not sit still. The closest we have come is a family pic for the church directory taken last night. Toby did fine cause I had him trapped on my lap, but in all the pics I hated how I looked. I had just got my hair cut and it was so flat it just hung there. yuck! Can'twait to see the pics. I'm sure they were great. OK, I'm done rambling for now. lol

Stacey Davis said...

You are so funny! I can't wait to have this experience with Ben. Just think you will have great stories to her when she's older.
Take care and have a happy thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

Too funny. The little stinker. John cries bloody murder as soon as he goes in the room to take the picture and then is all smiles and cute when I am looking at the few pictures we actually get.

I have an appointment at Target for next week!