Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Cafe Mom Playdate

Let me out !!!!!!

Damn that sun is Bright !!!!!!

I am trying to climb up this ladder, its just not working out.

Exiting stage left.

My Mommy thinks these are so funny. She's a dork.

Huh hah huh hah hah hah I said dork.

You know I love ya Mommy.

Nice bangs, dork !!!!!!!!

I am shocked that I am not grounded yet for calling my Mommy a dork.
It must be true.

This is what we came home to. Silly Lucy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a great time at our playdate. I didn't post any pics of the other kids to protect their privacy and besides I don't have there permission to do so because this is a public blog. Anyway we had a fun and then we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch. For dessert I had a side of Hot Topic, The Gap and Old Navy. I ate way too much and when Ralph finds out .......well screw him I work for a living too I deserve to get paid in shopping every now and then besides I got to look decent !!!! LOL I bought Gia's shirt for Sky after looking at 3 different Hot Topics I finally found the cute son of a bitch. Look on Holly's to see Gia's leopard shirt with the skull and crossbones. Anyway it was becoming an unhealthy obsession. :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Holly G. said...

You could have just let me know and I would have picked one up and sent it to you!!!

Kristen and the Gang said...

I just love seeing pics of that beautiful little girl!

LizBeth said...

Skylar's lucky to have a mommy like you.