Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Taxi Cab Confessions

Yeah right like I'd tell you.

Bubby and I really enjoyed hanging
out with Mel, E and L today.

Hello, is anyone there?

Yeah I'd like to order a large frie and a Coke.

What you lookin' at fool. You scary.

We went to the mall today and met up with my old pal and her 2 kiddos. As Skylie says we went on a play day (playdate).We had fun and had a chance to catch up . I really love you Mel and I miss you. You know this. And I will be calling Saturday to see how your little peanut is.
I also talked to Miss H and I gotta tell ya I really enjoyed talking with you. I was hesitant in calling at first but I am glad that I did. I will be in touch if your not first. You ROCK dude !!! Us shauties gotta stick together !!!!
I am done with Ralph & Sky's Christmas shopping ...I CAN'T believe it!!! Thank you internet!!!!!I have to get the rest of the family still but holy shit I am almost done !!!!! I have never been this on top of things before.

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