Monday, November 12, 2007


So Onnie and Pawpaw gave us their old/new HD TV and it is freak'in gigantic. This is our old one and it really upset Skylar when we moved it to the floor to make room for the new one.

She 's about to blow.

OT- That's the cat door/gate that my ingenius husband made up .... he really is clever

Full on FIT. So we distract her by telling her she can watch Dora and Boots in our room.

Here is the new TV......We had to put it on the coffee table because it would have crushed the TV stand we have.

Another view. Does it look horrible????? I need some feedback here. The little kitchen is being moved to the basement but the toys underneath the coffee table have to stay until I can think of another option.We are going to have to wait until after Christmas or more before we buy another TV stand.

Here is the princess lounging while immersing herself in Dora and Boots , as she calls it.

This is how she looked at me when I called her "Princess".
She comes back in the living room and screams"Mommy, I Love It !!!!!" I am so glad someone does.
So the other day Sky goes in to sit on the potty with Onnie, puts her hands in between her legs and says"Look Onnie , Cootie hiding." Lifts her hands and says "Peek A Boo".
Last night before Ralph tucked her in, she said so clearly " I love you Mommy." I could have died right then . Then this morning Ralph put her in bed with me and she woke me up by saying" 1-2-3- Wake up Mommy" After we giggled she said " I Love You Mommy." I am loving it !!!!!!


Tara said...

I love where you have the TV! Awesome grab! Your "ugly monkey" has blossomed into a complete beauty! I'm off to print off some YGG shirts for my son (and maybe me too)!

JohnJacob Jigglesmeyersmith said...

Saweet TV!

Our Ohana said...

Wow, Now it will be like Dora and Boots are right there and lifesize. lol I think the TVs in a fine place. I used to set mine on a desk, so whatever's clever. Talk to you soon!

Kerri said...

I don't think the TV on the table looks bad at all. I bought an old coffee table and made it my tv stand to so maybe I'm biased, but I think it's fine. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Kathy said...

I think the tv looks fine on the coffee table. And the bins underneath are a great idea. I also have my tv on the coffee table. Love the cat door too! Wow, now you can see Ben from the Wiggles in HD too! Now that will be scary!

bluethenpink said...

I love the look she is givnig you when you called her princess! I have seen that look soooooo many times it is funny to see it from somebody elses little bugger!! Wait there is a table under that tv? hmmm gonna have to look at that again???? LOL Don't you love the way the little ones wake you up... those are the memories we will cherish for ever!!!