Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ray Charles & Maple Syrup Covered in Powdered Sugar Donettes

Channeling Ray

Loving the piano


Thank you and Good Night.
Saturday morning Sky woke up and would not stop asking for donuts, she hasn't had them since her birthday. Ralph took her up to QT to get some. I made him take her shirt off to eat them.

W-H-O-A Donettes !!!!! The Donette Dance !!!!!

Mmm Mmm Mmm

Give Me The Donettes !!!!!!!!!!

The Donette Kenpo Karate Chop !!!!!

So Fuck'in Delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E N U F F with the pics

Awwwww Don't cry Mommy

I missed my Lucy last nite when I was kick'in Onnie (Owe-Knee ....again) and PawPaw
all night long !!!!!

Giving my Lucy lov'in

Had to have a bath cause I stunk like Maple Syrup Oatmeal with a hint of sprinkles , which BTW Oweknee sounds delicious ( How the hell do you spell Oweknee anyway? )


Kathy said...

Sometimes a girl (or boy) just needs a doughnut! We cannot drive by a Dunkin Donuts without John screaming out Munch (John-speak for Munchkins. And now he spots DonDonald's (McDonald's) too. We only go to either of those places like once every 2 weeks. He doesn't get that excited over yogurt or apples!

Kathy said...

Forgot to add I love the pictures with the kitten. Skylar is so gentle with her and it is too cute to see the kitten sitting with her. They will be best buddies!

Kerri said...

Those pics are great!!!
Kerri and Ruby

Type (little) a said...

Did you say the QT?

As in Quick Trip? I haven't seen one of those since I left Kansas