Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Saga Continues

Hi My Aunt Kelly is Nuts

Hmmmm I am gonna go ahead and agree.

Working Out Because Milk Does My body Good.

Me too.

Could I be any cuter?

The big ass took over ( I am kidding cuz...ya know your my idol)

Silly pussy.

She is coming out....of the closet....

to take a picture.

Skylie must be jealous of Gia's poop tent because she took a giant crap in her closet. And the other night if you remember she took a crap under the kitchen table.
Today Kate was a whiny because she needed a nap. Sky looks at her , rolls her eyes and says "Stop It ,Kate." Really calm and with such subtle attitude I almost peed in my pants.

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Peppy LaPue said...

Cute pics! Love your blog.