Saturday, November 17, 2007

Santa Is On His Way

Let's see where the sleigh is.

I will look it up on my cool computer.

Ewwwwww I am having technical difficulties.

WAIT I here something overhead.

He's Here. He's Here. He's HERE !!!!!!!!

I am writing my letter to Santa.

I am going to make myself comfortable while I wait my turn.

Santa I've been SOOOOOOO Good this year !

Lunch at Chevy's ...yum yum

It wasn't me.........PeeeeeYuuuuu

Daddy would give that stink bomb a thumbs up

MMMMMMMM Salsa & Chips

Mucho Spicy Onnie

I Love It !!!!!

We had a fun day today !!!

Funny story:
On Monday Onnie and GG came over to play for a while. Ralph had the day off because it was Veteran's Day. Ralph says "Where's Dad ?" GG says not realizing our dirty minds " Oh, He went down to get some Wood" Ralph cracks a smile " Oh where was it?". "Out back , behind the house he got big wood." LOL


Hooflung poo said...

Your comments under the pictures are a hoot!!!!

Kerri said...

Love the pics. Skylie's dress is so cute!
Kerri and Ruby

Kristen and the Gang said...

OMG OMG OMG...I love it! How damn adorable is this chick!!!!! I can't wait to see Christmas pics!

Anonymous said...

Yout daughter is adorable.My cousin was adopted from Guatemala.I've never seen a little girl from there that wasn't beautiful.Hope she grows up and has a happy life. :]