Saturday, November 10, 2007


Trying to wake up.


Mommy doesn't know I'm in here.

I wanna go to Onnie and Pawpaw's too. DARN IT!
I've been spotted.

Cleam up in aisle 7.


I love the fun chair.

So then the Big Bad Wolf said I'm Gonna Huff and Puff and
blow your Non-Union house down !!!!

One for you , 9 for me.

Why is she taking my picture, I'm invisible over here.
Sit and Spin Mommy.Sit and Spin.


Onnie I am so glad you turned this once pretty,
organized library into my Crazy Fun Room.

She's getting ready to pounce.(1/2 a Skylie Butt)

On Princess Lucie.

Again why is she taking a picture , I AM FREAK"IN INVISIBLE.

That is it , I have had it. Me and my cat tunnel are moving elsewhere.

Mommy, you really got to fold the laundry.

I am hiding in here.

I farted.


Our Ohana said...

Too cute. That poor child is going to have a phobia of cameras when she gets older. Her and Toby can go to therapy for that together. hahaha I love the ones of the cat...i couldn't figure out at first why you were taking a picture of the backpack, but it's early. lol

bluethenpink said...

I love the look on her face in the last should teach her to raise her pinkie if she is gonna talk like that LOL!!!!!