Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sky and Kate Part: Uno

Guess who Mommy had to watch today????

If you said my BFF and cuz Kate... You were right

Yeah we're gonna do what I say, okay? Okay.

This is the monkey dance.

You take this book.

Q is for QT which is my favorite place to get juice.

And stretch to the left 2-- 3-- 4 .

Now the middle 2--3--4.

Now Kate my Uncle Jeff taught me these Kenpo moves.

You mean like this?

Mommy and My bestest cousin.

I'll be the Mommy and feed you this yummy Jell-O.

Where are you going ?

Well Miss Thing I was think'in bout blow'in this popsicle stand. You In ?

Look Sky , we can walk to Mammy's.

Maybe your right, we should take naps first.

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Constance Montclair said...

I love the captions.