Saturday, November 3, 2007

Some Observations

Mr.Rogers seems like a very nice man HOWEVER He scares me.

Daisy duck is a stuck up bitch who only thinks of herself.

Is It Steve........................................or is it Joe

Which on is currently hosting the show? Furthermore...... I am with Holly on why can't dogs talk? A fucking Salt & Pepper shaker can but not the dog. What gives?

Boots your the perfect sidekick and you put up with alot of shit.

Dora I love honey but you have got to stop repeating yourself and while we're at it your a tad too bossy most of the time.

Twinkle Higgly, Oh Pickles !!!! Your ideas are ridiculous and I don't know how you got on this show. Nice imagination though.

I know I've brought this up before but I am disturbed by it.....
Caillou, Sweetie I am so sorry you are suffering from alopecia do you want me to give your parents the number to Hans Wiemann?


Tater said...

I love the observations. You are a hoot.

Tara said...

Awesome observations on the freaks that rule my TV all day long! LOL

Type (little) a said...


He is such a little whiner.

bluethenpink said...

Whoever said the freaks only come out at night never saw daytime childrens television!!!
Yo Gabba Gabba...wth is that all about???