Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sport'in Our Yo Gabba Gabba

Here is Skylie's Foofa Shirt I made.

Playing Play-Doh with Linda and Uncle Jeff.

Pawpaw making things better.

Booger nose.

Yummy pie Linda made.

Dr. Skylie giving Uncle Jeff a shot in the knee.

Talking to GG and Tubby on the phone.

The best picture ever taken of me.I know your jealous of my Muno shirt.

My little kitten.

Sporting our Gabba shirts.

Skylie Butt.

We went to eat Italian Soup (Jackie's mom's recipe) at Onnie and Pawpaw's. Before we left I made Skylar and I some Yo Gabba Gabba shirts, You can print out free iron on's . The Muno shirt is a HOOT Onnie.
Skylar counted to 12 today and said Gracias and De Nada. Thank You Dora and Boots. She is loving the Choo Choo Soul CD I downloaded and that's where she's learning her numbers beyond 10. Its been great getting a break from the Wiggles. Parents as Teachers comes on Tuesday so I am really excited to see how she has progressed and I know all parents say their kids are smart but she really is SMART. I don't sit there and teach her for hours a day that's for sure. She just picks up on things so quickly.
Her favorite songs at the moment : Happy Birthday, 5 Little Joey's (or Monkeys), Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's , and some bunny song she made up ( I'll try to get that on video) its very cute


Kerri said...

What a cutie!
Kerri and Ruby

bluethenpink said...

Awwwww Bare naked baby butt!!!! We have those sighting all the time in our house...I love to pinch them :O) so cute! Love the kitty pic's.

Anonymous said...

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