Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Very Worthy Cause... Thanks for the Idea Kerri

I took this idea from fellow Blog Buddy Kerri And Ruby ( I hope you guys doin't mind, Just getting the word out )

Please send your donations to Dwight Poage 2609 Hartford St. San Diego, CA. 92110-2315 and make checks payable to MAYAN FAMILIES.
Yes – it is coming up again for 2007 fast! We have collected some toys that will be distributed at Christmas time at our party in San Jorge. We are only in the beginning stages. We need a lot more. If you are coming to Guatemala and can bring toys …we would greatly appreciate it. These do not have to be new toys.
Our other Christmas project this year will be sponsoring families for CHRISTMAS TAMALE FOOD BASKETS. We have many families, mostly single, abandoned & widowed mothers, who cannot afford to provide the traditional Christmas celebration for their family. A food basket will cost $30US and will provide a Christmas Tamale celebration meal for a family of 10 or more.
It will include:
The plastic basket that will hold all the food. This will be used by the family to stack dishes, wash dishes, hold food etc.
The food will include:
Oil, 15 lbs of Rice to make the tamales, a block of drinking chocolate (this is traditional to drink at midnight), a loaf of bread with which they eat the tamales at midnight, raisins for the tamales, grapes, apples, sugar, 5lbs of meat, tomatoes, one pound of coffee, leaves to wrap the tamales, cloves, pepper, sesame, pumpkin seeds. These are the requirements to make the Christmas tamales.

If you are coming down to Guatemala and can bring some toys, please let us know by e-mail at:
Lets all Help these children have a Merry Christmas!


Kerri said...

I love any time I see people posting for Mayan Families!
Kerri and Ruby

Prayshus said...

I'm in. How do I sponsor a child to go to school for a year?