Thursday, December 6, 2007

8 Interesting Things About Me You Already Might Know & FFF

This is my dad. This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen of him, it captures him so perfectly.

1. I pretty much stole this title from Miss Holly G. Whom BTW has tagged me and I am going to tag Miss Tina (like your not busy right now...heehee)

2. When I was 7 and just started 2nd grade I broke my arm and had to be in traction ( IN BED WITH A PIN IN MY ARM) for 4 WEEKS !!!!! Yowsers !!!! They no longer need to do this because of the new invention called the external fixator. Yowsers !!!!

3.I hate the word "panties" and I believe I have said this before that is because I loathe this word .....I don't know why

4. I went to an all girls Catholic High School

5. I was voted "Funniest" in my class ...not class clown but "Funniest" I know that's weird isn't it the same thing?

6. I once got so drunk that I swear I threw up for a day and a half. It took me years before I could even think about drinking a draft beer again.

7. I pick the skin on my heels when I am tense, which is alot !!!!! Don't worry Onnie I have not done it bad since I made myself bleed. Yeah I know its gross.

8. I bit my nails until I was 29 years old. Yes for 25 years of my life I had nubby nails.
Don't forget to check out the post below ... these two posts run close together. Everyone have a great, safe weekend. Keep Val in your prayers , she is in the hospital and very sick on top of all her chemo symptoms. Thanks.


Buster Highman said...

What she really wrote was she was in "contraction" for her arm. She is so refreshing. She makes me laugh. She also makes me proud to be her mom.

Michelle Smiles said...

I used to bite my nails...finally broke the habit in college!

And I hope you don't kick off your shoes during work related tense situations. :)

Kathy said...

Another ex-nailbiter! I stopped 2nd year in high school which was by the way a Catholic all girl school. I also went to an all female college too! And I wonder why I never met the right guy!