Friday, December 14, 2007

Driving Lessons and Broccoli

Skylie: Listen Toby about you driving....... its not gonna work

Skylie: Your Cute
Toby: Thanks You Are too

Toby: Don't Touch That

Skylie: AHHHHHHHH Your going toooooo fast
Toby: Don't be such a girl

Skylie: No I don't think its working
Toby: Get off me so I can See

Skylie: The View from up here is awesome
Toby: What's going on with my car?What did you do to it?

Hey I am CUTE

Skylie : Look at the size of this stalk of broccoli
Toby: Holy Crap

I am sad its gone

Toby: Yeah that's my girl.Let's go back to the playground.

Skylie: I just want a hug
Toby: Get her off me.

Skylie: (SQUEEZE)
Toby: Seriously , somebody get her off me

Skylie:I got you now and I am never letting go
Toby: I am getting a restraining order

Skylie: Your so funny Toby
Toby: Mom, call security

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Tricia said...

Such sweet pictures!!!!!