Thursday, December 20, 2007

Helping Daddy Tape

Daddy is getting ready to paint the kitchen,
Mommy says "Finally After 4 years "

I am a really good taper

I keeping my mouth shut

See what a good job I do

Tape Go-Tee

Hannibal Lector Impression

Busy Busy Busy

Another Hannibal Lector Impression
"Hello Clarice"

Woo Hoo Tape

More tape Crafts

Nite Nite

So Ralph is finally painting and I cannot believe after 4 years of constant whining I am getting my way. Woo hoo its like I've won the freaking lottery.Its one of my Christmas presents , its the best. It will be like moving into a new house, I am pysched. He already did the guest bathroom, I'll post pics later.It looks great.
Ever notice that Dora's tummy hangs out of her shirt sometimes...what's up with that.


Harry Butcrac said...

So glad Ralph was taping. Love the pics. When will the lambs stop screaming!!!!

Kathy said...

Lucky you!!! A new paint job can make such a difference!