Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is That A Newsapaper in Your Pocket

Or are you just happy to see me ?

Cookie Dough

Yum Yum

Watching the train with Daddy

Climbing on Daddy

U Huh Wait for it

Yep there it is ... Skylie Ralphie Butt

Getting ready to go outside with her best friend...Daddy,
That's what she said today

Second Snow fall of her life and loving it

Second dose of Skylie butt for your enjoyment

Getting ready to build a snowman with Uncle Jeff

And her Daddy

Snow Bunny

Working with her boys

Skylie and Frosty before he goes "Wild"

I want more snow

You want some snow Uncle Jeff? Its really good.

Yes he has brussel sprouts for eyes, they're a wee bit googley


A Little help from her Uncle Jeff

Hmmm What now?????

Some hot cocoa sounds pretty good

Hot Cocoa in my Tummy So Yummy So Yummy

Oh Yeah , that's what I'm talk'in bout


Kerri said...

Love all the pics!
Ruby got to watch her first snow today but fortunately it was just a dusting so no snowmen for us. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Mike Hunt said...

It looks like you had a good time today. The cookies look like Martha made them. You have a beautiful family.

Holly G. said...

That is my kind of Frosty!!!

Hey you could save tons of money and just feed Skylar snow all winter long!!!

We've (I've) been baking coolies all day, too, and tomorrow I'm making nut balls!!! You want the recipe??? Maybe you can give a couple to old Frosty.

Our Family of 5 said...

oh goodness love the snowman! Very clever! Looks like she has a blast in the snow!