Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lights,St.Nick, Santa And Santa

Mommy and Daddy took me to Celebration of Lights

Ewwwwwww Cool , Bubby loved it too
(Daddy got us Hot Chocolate at was yummy)

WOW !!!!!!

This whole present thing is awesome

Good cookie and nice table decorations

COTW Santa was very nice ...he's a good look'in Santa

And I want presents, and I want toys, and I want Bubby

PawPaw I can't breathe thru my nose

The Fam minus Jeff

Pipefitters Santa ....I want presents and to be able to breath thru my nose

Mommy with her Daddy and my Pawpaw

I want these presents

and these too

Cool snow , its soft and fluffy like my Bubby
Skylar has a cold.Ralph has a headache. I am fine.
I am better than fine because my good friend Holly G. sent me The Skylar dress and an Animal from the Muppets. Skylar is in no mood for dress up so I haven't put her in it yet...YOU WILL KNOW WHEN I DO.We took her to COTW's (Our Agency) Christmas Party today and up to the Pipefitter's for some good freebies and good photo ops. We had fun but she is pooped. I had to cancel my playdate for tomorrow because she needs to rest up for later this week when Tina and Toby come. YAY We are so psyched for their visit.
I forgot to tell you that on the way home Skylar was laughing at Onnie and and as she was almost done says "Oh Crap" .We laughed so hard of course she said it again. Oh dear I guess I have to stop saying that. Oh well it could be wayyyyyyyyyyy worse.


Kathy said...

Skylar is a pro at Santa pics now!! Hope her nose clears up and she feels better soon!

bluethenpink said...

It must be nice to have a little one that will sit on Santa's lap and not scream bloody murder! LOL Like a little short one that I know! Sky can you please tell little Miss A that Santa is one of the good guys...maybe she will listen to you!! LOL
I cannot wait until you show off THE DRESS!! I bet she will be absolutly beautiful in it!! But when isn't she the cutest little bugger??? I hope her nose clears quickly and I sympathize with Ralph on the headache thing....I have had one for the last three sux!!!

Our Ohana said...

ARgh, blogger just deleted my whole comment. Damn IT!!! Here I go again. Love the pics. Can't wait to see you either! Every 6 months is just not enough. Not sure of our ETA (Mom keeps changing her mind)but I do know the surgery is Thursday and we'll need entertaining if you and Sky are up to it. See you soon and CALL ME!!

Scarlett_333 said...

Hi Kelly, I would love to give you a blog makeover! For some reason, when I emailed you with the info, the emailed was returned seconds later. Would you mind sending me a quick email at so I can just hit
reply, and hopefully that will work!!