Sunday, December 23, 2007

The New Paint far

Skylar watching the Polar Express

The Kitchen So Far: This wall is Crayola orange. I know its more like Terra Cotta than an orange crayon, but whateva The Next wall will be Puddy Orange but Ralph isn't going to paint that till later this week.

Here is the bathroom in a kinda of Buttercream Yellow. These are not the best pics I don't know what's going on with the camera. (Onnie what's the deal with my camera?)

Hey everybody have a very Merry Christmas !!!!!!!


Type (little) a said...

Oh I love the color of your kitchen! It's so warm and cozy, like a kitchen should be.

And I love the lavender shower curtain. My husband would rip that shit down in about 5 seconds. Stinker.

DJ Holly Rock said...

Hey DUDE!!!

I love the colors!!! Such a bright and happy home!!!

Monkey Butt!!!


Kathy said...

Love the new colors especially the kitchen!